What Does Your Christmas Eve Look Like?

What Does Your Christmas Eve Look Like?   I love hearing how people spend Christmas Eve. My brother Doug and his family love preparing, and then eating, the most delicious gourmet appetizers. Then, after the evening feed, they all watch The Christmas Carol. I like talking to him on Christmas Day to hear the delectable details on what … Read more

When in Doubt, Bake

When in Doubt, Bake    “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” – Henry David Thoreau Well, September is certainly upon us. I could practically feel the collective shift in energy yesterday as people left the (hopefully) lazy days of summer and returned back to the structure and (hopefully … Read more

The Tim Tam Slam

  Updated Feb 16th, 2015   The Tim Tam Slam   Didn’t get enough chocolate on Valentine’s Day? I can help! Fun for the whole family, the Tim Tam Slam is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. My friend, Ann, was the first to teach me the fine art of The Slam, which I will share with you now. However, please … Read more