About Pink Gazelle Productions

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What We Believe


We strive to help make the world a better place by inspiring people to reach their highest potential and fulfill their life’s purpose with passion, joy and gratitude.


We create literary, theatrical and cinematic works that challenge and empower people to effect positive change in themselves and the world around them.

What We Do

We tell stories, in one form or another, that encourage people to make themselves and the world around them a little bit better.

Thanks so much for sharing “A Widow’s Awakening” with me. I wish you and your company all the best luck in spreading words and stories that mend the world. What else do we have?” 

– Evan Solomon, Host CBC News: Sunday & Sunday Night

How We Do It

We create inspirational stories, projects & products including books, plays, films, blogs, e-mail campaigns, quote cards & more.

Who We Are

Please click here to meet the PGP team. Visit our Whatever Floats Your Boat…Perspectives on Motherhood Documentary creative team here.

From Whence We Came

Pink Gazelle Productions was started by Maryanne Pope in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2002, two years after the death of her husband, John

What’s Our Story?

Once upon a time there was a young woman who was married to a police officer. They were very much in love. He always told her that if she wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer, she would have to work at it. But she thought she had all the time in the world. Then, one day, he went to work and never came home again. Her heart was shattered. Until one day…she began to pick up the pieces. That was the day she began to write.

View the book trailer  for Maryanne’s book, “A Widow’s Awakening.”

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Why the Name Pink Gazelle Productions?

Of course, there’s a story 🙂 

Calling All Pink Gazelles

Maryanne, we widows couldn’t do without you! And I am kind of embarrassed to tell you this, but before all the stores closed, I found your exact shoes and I ordered them! They are so comfortable… I wanted to be like you with your pink gazelle shoes!

– Nancy B, A Widow’s Awakening Twitter Gazelle

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