What Happens in Vegas…

  Sometimes What Happens in Vegas Need Not Stay in Vegas   “The emotional bond between Las Vegas and its customers was freedom…to do things, see things, eat things, wear things, feel things. In short, the freedom to be someone we couldn’t be at home. And freedom from whatever we wanted to leave behind in our daily … Read more

Inner Hunger – Eating Disorders

  Inner Hunger – Getting to the Root of Eating Disorders     “Some girls learn that they must sacrifice certain aspects of themselves – their appetites, needs, feelings, and goals – in order to gain support, acceptance, attention, and love. These girls are called “people pleasers”: they try to be everything to everyone. In … Read more

When in Doubt, Bake

When in Doubt, Bake    “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” – Henry David Thoreau Well, September is certainly upon us. I could practically feel the collective shift in energy yesterday as people left the (hopefully) lazy days of summer and returned back to the structure and (hopefully … Read more