Madwoman in Attic

Beware the Mad Woman in the Attic – Then Befriend Her (Sort Of) “Each person’s madwoman is different. For you, maybe she’s more like a shadow, following you around, a perpetual reminder of what you’re not.”  – Emily & Amelia Nagoski, “Burnout” Have you read the “Burnout” book yet? If not, I am giving you … Read more

Nate Shelley & Self-Loathing

Hurt People Hurt People Nate Shelley & the Danger of Self-Loathing “Hurt people hurt people.” – Yehuda Berg Have you watched the TV show, “Ted Lasso?” If not, I highly recommend it. Since a great deal has already been written about the show, I am focusing this blog on the Nate Shelley character…and what he … Read more

Brene Brown Interview with Alicia Keys

Staying True to Yourself – Have You Heard the Brené Brown Podcast Interview with Alicia Keys? “We shift ourselves not in sweeping pivots but in movements so tiny that they are hardly indecipherable.” – Alicia Keys If not, I highly recommend it This powerful interview is part of Brené Brown’s podcast, “Unlocking Us.” I listened to … Read more