Trigger Not So Happy

Trigger Not So Happy – When an Emotional Trigger Sends Us Into Red Alert   A trigger can be anything that sets off your personal “red alert.” – Richer Life Counseling Apparently, even, a barking dog. Here’s a good definition: “A trigger in psychology is a stimulus such as a smell, sound, or sight that triggers feelings of trauma. … Read more

Podcast Interview with Karin Sieger

Heartfelt Interview with Karin Sieger – Podcast   Sometimes you really have to wonder at the timing of it all… The day before I was to leave for Ecuador, I had a phone interview with Karin Sieger – a therapist, writer & podcaster out of the UK – for her podcast, Soul Cravings. Halfway through … Read more

Celebrating Sadie

Celebrate Good Times – Saying Goodbye to Sadie Pope   “Our animal friends teach us More than we could have expected… And love us More than we could have hoped… …That’s why we miss them More than we could have imagined.” – Anon “I don’t have good news,” the vet said, after examining the x-ray of … Read more