Systems Over Goals

What the Focaccia?! Forget Goals; Focus on Systems “Forget about goals, focus on systems instead.” – James Clear, “Atomic Habits” At first glance, this concept might seem rather revolutionary. But upon further examination, it actually makes a lot of sense. In his outstanding book (run, don’t walk, to get this one), “Atomic Habits; An Easy … Read more

Slowing Down, Reflecting and…

Slowing Down, Reflecting and…Getting An Awful Lot of Work DONE! “We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.” – Taoist Proverb This self-isolation business is good for business…mine anyway To be perfectly honest, it’s about flippin’ time I plopped my bottom down in one place … Read more

Setting an Intention

The Merits of Setting an Intention   “By setting our motivation strongly in the morning when our mind is fresh and clear, we are much more likely to remember it during the day and act with that intention.” – Dalai Lama Ahhh…the things we learn from experience For this year’s First Chance Christmas Craft Show … Read more