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Home Again – Not for Long

Home Again – Not for Long


Sadie & Jadie together again

“Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe.”

– Tracey Taylor


Sadie and I are back in Victoria, in our cozy little bottom bunk bed in Ella’s room at Dave & Heathe’s in Victoria, BC. It’s GREAT to be home!

Home has become a very relative term for this restless gazelle. Home is no longer where I hang my hat (or my dazzling collection of toques and ball caps, as the case may be) – at least, not for long. Home is where I happen to BE at any given time – be that a room at the Motel 6 (I stayed at a few on my trip and found them safe, clean and comfortable just very sparse), a run-down beach cottage, a fancy beach cottage or with friends who are ever so gracious to put up with me and ball-obsessed fur-ball. But I came home on Sunday to a scrumptious steak dinner, so I figure that’s a good sign (versus a change of locks on the front door).

Now that the Great Bohemian Gypsy Writing Road Trip Odyssey is finished, what’s next?

Well, this photo (the sink in the restaurant bathroom at the delightfully eccentric McMenamins Olympic Club Hotel in Centralia, WA – the first and last place I stayed on my road trip) captures the situation perfectly:

In other words, I am fortunate to have a few choices!

And since I am absolutely loving the gypsy life, I am going to continue that in the short term. Heathe and I head to PARIS next week for 10 days! We are beyond excited. I will be writing for a few hours in the mornings (have laptop, will travel) and then we’ll be sightseeing (and eating, of course) the rest of the time.

After Paris, I’ll be going up island and staying at a few different places. Then I have a furnished house rented in Mill Bay (45 min north of Victoria) for the summer…yahoo!

At some point, I will buy or rent a home of my own again (since my 9000 pounds of STUFF can’t stay in storage forever).

This is one housing option I am considering:

Kidding! Those are just a few more photos from the luxurious Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA (I so wish I fell in that pool).

These are some other potential housing choices:

I snapped this photo somewhere in Oregon or California…it cracked me up!


A ground-level tree house…


Or one with a DOOR!

Ah well…we shall see what the Universe has in store. For now, I am happy to continue the gypsy life and am VERY grateful that I am able to do so.

Take care, thank you so very much for sharing in our road trip and I hope life is treating you well!

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11 thoughts on “Home Again – Not for Long”

  1. Hey Maryanne — I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so much and perusing your wonderful photos — looks like Sadie enjoyed her gypsy life as much as you! — Paris will be glorious — and I look forward to catching up in the summer (Mill Bay’s just up the road from me!) — bon voyage(s), Glynis

  2. Hey, I selected Motel 6 as my choice for when I go on my thrifting adventure in the future! And I’ve always said I’m a Bohemian Bahamian…who just doesn’t have the money to travel much now. And you’re going to PARIS….AGAIN! Girl, I’m so jealous!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels! Thank you so much for sharing! Have fun in Paris! Hugs!

  4. Travel on! I assume Sadie will miss the Paris trip. I had a wonderful time in AZ, but I’m deeply rooted in the farm house and community where I’ve lived since 1972. Good memories, sad memories, new possibilities. Bluebirds are nesting. A red fox dropped by a few days ago. The waterfalls roar. I’m glad we both have choices. For now, my choice is here. Stop by when you travel east.

  5. Oh what a delightfully tranquil picture you paint in my mind, Elaine! I WILL indeed visit you on a trip East sometime. It sounds positively lovely 🙂

  6. A Bohemian Bahamian…LOVE IT! I think you’ve got yourself a grand book title for a future book, Sherelle!

  7. Oh don’t you worry, Lynne…we will be back working on Bungalow by the Sea in no time. Can’t wait! And I have the perfect places for our next writing retreat!

  8. Oh don’t you worry, Lynne…we will be back working on Bungalow by the Sea in no time. Can’t wait! And I have the perfect places for our next writing retreat!

  9. I know! I was thinking the same thing…Sadie and I can visit with you gals when we pass by on the Malahat. It’s been way too long!

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