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A full-length dramatic play script by Maryanne Pope


Can one soul save another? A young couple, Sam and Adri, have an argument about Adri’s procrastination as a writer and belief in Virginia Woolf’s idea that in order to write well, women need a secure income.

Sam, a police officer, goes to work that night, falls through a roof and hits his head, only to discover it is Virginia Woolf who will take him to the moment of his brain-death. Meanwhile, Sam’s Sergeant guides Adri through the early days of grief – and tells her she will receive Sam’s wage for the rest of her life.

Saviour is about the need to live and die in peace – and just how difficult that can be to achieve. The play promises the audience a fast-paced, imaginative and compelling theatrical journey that has strong links to real-life events. 

Though a love story, Saviour challenges the notion of romantic love and suggests instead the staying power of tough love.

John & Maryanne on beach

Maryanne & John, summer 2000

Why Virginia Woolf? 

In Virginia Woolf’s 1929 book, A Room of One’s Own, the author suggested that in order for  a woman to be able to write fiction well, she needed a secure income and a room of her own in which to create.

The playwright, Maryanne Pope, had read the book multiple times and discussed  Woolf’s ideas with her husband, John, who disagreed. John believed in order to achieve one’s dreams – such as becoming a writer – hard work and perseverance were far more important than external circumstances.

However, since John died in the line of duty, this meant that Maryanne was entitled to receive John’s wage for the rest of her life. For a writer, this was a dream come true – but it was delivered to her on the same platter as her soul-mate’s life. So in the Saviour play, when the John character (Sam) discovers that it is none other than Virginia Woolf who is to be his “death-walker,” he is not impressed.

He is, however, forced to face some very uncomfortable facts about his seemingly untimely death at 32.

 A Few Comments on the Script So Far…

“The play is a very strong, passionate, humorous and dramatic journey of a young widow coming to grips with her new reality while the spirit of her husband struggles to unsay some of the things that were said. Maryanne and I are in the process of shopping the script to producers across the country. As the Executive Director of Alberta Playwrights’ Network I am very cognizant of the work that we are sending to potential producers. I am selective about the work I send out, as we need to send out work of a certain quality or at a certain level of development in order for our recommendations to have any weight within a national context. All that to say that we are shopping this play to producers because it is ready; production ready, performance ready and ready for an audience to receive it.”

– Trevor Rueger, Alberta Playwright’s Network

“I loved A Widow’s Awakening because it was so real and authentic. I really resonated with the book on many levels and connected with it deeply. However when I read the Saviour play script, I was absolutely blown away because of the creativity. It was so exciting to see the characters come to life. They seemed so real…it took the A Widow’s Awakening story to a whole new level of authenticity.” 

– Lindsey Jepson, Calgary, AB

“I am sitting here bawling, as I’ve just finished reading Saviour. I couldn’t wait to tell you how amazing I think this play is! All through reading the play, I could totally picture how it would look on stage…you’ve done an incredible job.”

Kristin Atkinson, Calgary, AB

“PHEW…nothing short of mind altering for me.  I was so drawn into it, as if I was actually in the scene with John. I could totally picture the stage, actors, voices, etc.  I cannot fathom how creative one has to be to pull all these elements together in such a way. It’s an amazing play. It is truly a gift how you have the ability to take all the really key things and so effectively pull them together in such a flawless, creative piece. ”

Sarah Hourihan, Calgary, AB

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