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Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce…Oh My!

Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce…Oh My!


The surreal scenic drive through Zion National Park, Utah

“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life.”

– Anon


Hope you’ve had a grand week…ours has been WILD! This particular leg of the Great Bohemian Gazelle Writing Road Trip has been heavy on the road travel and light on the writing – but boy, am I ever getting productive in one-hour chunks of time.

Mother Nature has stolen the show yet again this past week…the scenery has been stunning.

After leaving Sedona, we headed to the Grand Canyon:



Then we drove north towards Zion National Park, passing Vermillion Cliffs on the way:

Zion National Park was absolutely incredible…rather surreal at times:

And the drive itself was a hoot! Here is one of the tunnels:

After Zion, we had some time so we took someone’s suggestion to visit the Old Pariah town site, just east of Kanab, Utah. This turned out to be a bit of an adventurous drive on an isolated, muddy road so after one too many slippy-slides, I turned the old CRV around and headed back from whence we came. But not before getting this great shot:

And, of course, a fun selfie with Sadie:

Then we continued north to Bryce Canyon and oh my good golly, what a magical place! Here are a few pics:

After Bryce, we had quite the hoof north to Salt Lake City and then west towards Reno, Nevada…more photos to come in next week’s blog.

We are now settled into a cozy ski cabin in Lake Tahoe and are staying put for a whole four days. I am writing to my heart’s content and getting caught up on some other work, while Sadie recuperates.

Sadie wearing protective glasses as she receives laser therapy treatment

Unfortunately, my furry friend had an elbow injury – not on the slopes, as you might surmise from the sunglasses…rather, just getting out of the car and stepping into too deep of a snow drift, I suspect 🙁

But I am pleased to report that she is already doing a bit better.

Take care, thanks for reading and have an excellent week!

P.S. I love this Emerson quote (and would probably benefit from adhering to it a bit better):

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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12 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce…Oh My!”

  1. What a fantastic drive you are having — I was through the Zion Canyon a couple of years ago — absolutely incredible. I had always wanted to visit the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary while in Kanab, Utah — a really unbelievable place on over 20,000 acres in Angel Canyon — next trip will include Bryce Canyon for sure. Hugs to you and Sadie.

  2. Wow! Bryce Canyon looks like it was ‘the icing on the cake’. Thank you for sharing! Safe travels!

  3. Hi MaryAnne
    What great pictures. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. You have taken me there!

  4. I am keeping track MA…thank you…seems like you are having a grand time! Wishing you health and happiness always.
    Love and hugs and prayers,

  5. Thanks, Colleen!! We are indeed having a whale of time 🙂 As you can see, we didn’t make it to Tucson – where I was hoping you might perhaps join us. So we’ll just have to plan a trip there another time!
    Take care,

  6. The Grand Canyon was astounding, Kathleen! I saw it 18 years ago with John, so it was really good to have the chance to see it again.
    Hope you are well,

  7. Hi Glynis! I was fascinated with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, too…I didn’t visit, though. I thought about it but just wasn’t sure I was up to it. Now, I kinda wish I did. I think they are doing amazing work. I loved the little retro motel I stayed at in Kanab – and the yummy restaurant across the street…so I may have to go back. And Zion, of course, was simply incredible. Glad you drove through it, too!

  8. You’re in one of my favorite areas in this world. Zion was a mystical experience. I spent yesterday in Chiricahua National Monument in the southwest corner of AZ, another unforgettable place. I hadn’t been here for 20 years. The sculptural rock formations like Hindu temples, the light, lime-green lichens decorating the rocks, and a grieving of the suffering and indigenous blood spilled on the earth. I’m glad your dog is improving. I miss my girl who is back in NY with my son.

  9. Hi Elaine…that sounds like a powerful experience you had in AZ, visiting the Chiricahua National Monument. Wow. Now I’m curious to see it on another trip back to AZ. You will be happy to get home to your dog! Take care and Happy Easter,
    PS Yes Zion is mystical…I am still recovering from my day there – in a good way!

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