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California Chillin’ (Sorta) in San Diego

California Chillin’ (Sorta) in San Diego


“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.”

– Frank Herbert


The Bohemian Writer Road Trip Continues…

After leaving Oceanside, Sadie and I headed a little further south down the California coast and spent 5 nights at a cute cottage VRBO in the super-relaxed surfing community of Ocean Beach in San Diego. Loved it!

I am writing to deadline at the moment, so I worked most of the time but the walks around my neighbourhood and on the beach were lovely. The area had a really laid-back vibe…California to the core.

The pier at Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Now, truth be told, this is Sadie sulking because she was banned from the dog beach for a few days (by me). She totally overdid it the first day at not one but two dog beaches and absolutely refused to leave the second beach. Her Retriever-brain got stuck in “must-chase-everyone-else’s-ball” mode. The next day she could scarcely walk, so was put on bed-rest, which didn’t go over well. But on a happier note, I love the new pink blanket Heather and Ella brought all the way from Canada for my birthday present!

Sadie did bounce back after a few days and we were able to return to the dog beach. We worked out a much better system of retrieving HER ball without overdoing it, including swimming more and running less.

Here are a few more photos from Ocean Beach:



After bidding adieu to the ocean, we headed inland towards Yuma, Arizona. Just west of Yuma are the massive Imperial Sand Dunes. This is a neat shot of the dunes at the end of a road:

The Return of the Jedi movie was filmed at the Imperial Dunes…sand as far as the eye can see:

That’s it for now…we hit the road for Sedona today 🙂

Take care and have an wonderful week!

“The road to success is always under construction.”

– Unknown

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