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Salt Flats to Snow Drifts

Salt Flats to Snow Drifts


Cabin in Lake Tahoe

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

– John Steinbeck

Hallo…hope you are doing dandy! I am on the home stretch of my 3 month writing road trip adventure with Sadie. We head back to Victoria, BC in a few days. What a journey this has been…inside and out!

After bidding goodbye to beautiful Bryce Canyon, Utah, we headed north towards Salt Lake City, driving right through the tiny town of Big Rock Candy Mountain.


Big Rocky Candy Mountain itself!

After staying the night in Salt Lake City, we headed west and soon came across the Bonneville Salt Flats…SALT as far as the eye can see!

Sadie surveying the salt flats, ball in mouth

We stayed the night in Battle Mountain, Nevada, and then headed on to Lake Tahoe the next day. This is a great shot of the massive amounts of SNOW piled up outside the window of my cozy writing cabin:

Tahoe was where Sadie injured her already arthritic elbow, so she slept most of the time – when she wasn’t getting her laser therapy treatment (love the DOGGLES):

The laser therapy really seemed to help and Sadie was soon back to business:

Although most of the time we were in Tahoe, it was either snowing or raining, on the day we left, the sun came out and I was able to snap this photo of the gorgeous lake:

After Lake Tahoe, we headed north to Oregon again and stayed for 5 days in…Ashland! If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you may recall that near the beginning of my trip, I met two men in Depoe Bay who told me I HAD to go to Ashland on my journey. So I did. And it was lovely! I actually stayed at a VRBO in the town of Talent, which was about ten minutes away from Ashland. But the quaint little studio was on a farm:


A hen visitor at my door…coming for tea perhaps?
And here comes the rest of the turkey family, husband included 🙂

When I wasn’t writing, fending off turkeys or walking Sadie around the farm (on-leash, there were way too many critters for her to chase, arthritic or not), I went to see two outstanding plays in Ashland: “Sense & Sensibility” and “Manahatta.”

Ashland IS a neat place…a real theatre town with a funky vibe. I will go back for sure sometime, when the Shakespeare festival is in full swing.

After Ashland, we continued north to Eugene, Oregon and spent a night visiting with friends. Then we returned to my favourite VRBO – the beach cottage in Florence. It was good to get back to the ocean:


“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.”

– Christopher Morley

I suspect Sadie has had enough of life on the road (and listening to me babble on in my undoubtedly annoying dog voice) and is ready to return to Dave & Heathe’s place in Victoria now, to play with her friend, Jadie, again. But she has been a real trooper on this trip (even though we have both gained weight from all the damn diner food).

Take care, thanks so much for reading and may you have a tremendous week!

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8 thoughts on “Salt Flats to Snow Drifts”

  1. Please call when you come home and would like to connect. I have loved following your adventure! Good for you Maryanne.?❤️??

  2. Time flies! But I’m looking forward to your house/apartment hunting when you return to Canada.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey through the written word and the abundance of beautiful colourful pictures. This trip sure seemed to move along quickly. I can’t believe you’re on your way “home” looking toward what the next season will bring you with both the “what’s next” and “where” questions, if they aren’t already answered.

  4. I have followed along with you through this amazing road trip. So glad you had a fabulous experience and creative success. Enjoyed my arm chair travel via your photos and blog. Brought back many memories of previous trips and gave me some great ideas for must see stops on future journeys. We must get together next time your here. Safe travels home my friend!

  5. Sounds good, Wende! I totally thought of you at Bryce Canyon 🙂

    I will be back to YYC in May!
    Thanks so much for joining me, via arm-chair, on this journey,

  6. Hi Deborah! Yes…the 3 months DID go by really fast, didn’t it! I hope things are going well with you. As for what’s next on my end, in the blog I will be posting in just a sec, I touch a bit on that 🙂

  7. Hi Sherelle! Time DOES fly. Hope things are going well with you…and you are getting some writing done!

  8. Hi Brenda! I will be in touch…and we can get caught up. It may not be till early May as I leave again early next week. Ack!

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