The Question That Took Me to Chicago

The Question That Took Me to Chicago   “What if there was no secret but there was a question? Not just any question…Life’s Most Powerful Question: What’s Important Now?” – Brian R. Willis, Winning Mind Training Inc. What’s Important Now? The question, “What’s Important Now?,” can serve as a guide to help us prioritize the choices and decisions we … Read more

Maryanne’s May 23, 2015 Presentation

Commemorating 15 Years of Workplace Safety Success   The following presentation was delivered by Maryanne Pope, Chair of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund (JPMF), in Calgary, AB at the JPMF’s 15th Anniversary event on May 23, 2015 Hello! Thank you so much for coming this evening and for all your support over the years – I really … Read more