Unpacking Difficult Emotions

Unpacking Difficult Emotions “You can keep difficult emotions at bay for a very long time, even for a lifetime…but for most of us, at some point in our lives, they will demand to be heard.” – Sally Brampton Remember my “Not This – Pay Attention to Difficult Emotions” blog from a few weeks ago? Well, … Read more

Trigger Not So Happy

Trigger Not So Happy – When an Emotional Trigger Sends Us Into Red Alert   A trigger can be anything that sets off your personal “red alert.” – Richer Life Counseling Apparently, even, a barking dog. Here’s a good definition: “A trigger in psychology is a stimulus such as a smell, sound, or sight that triggers feelings of trauma. … Read more

Loss as Catalyst for Change

Map of Heartbreak – Loss as a Catalyst for Change   “What breaks your heart? The warrior knows that her heartbreak is her map. It will lead her toward her purpose, her tribe.” – Glennon Doyle Melton, “Hurts So Good” article, O Magazine, Feb 2017 Pain as Fuel In her article, “Hurts so Good,” author Glennon … Read more