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Fear Versus Intuition

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Fear Versus Intuition – A Great Tip to Help You Tell the Difference

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“Practice interpreting sweaty palms and a swirling, whirling stomach not as signs that you’re afraid but as signs that you’re ready to rock.”

– Marie Forleo, “Everything is Figureoutable”

You know you’ve hit upon an outstanding book when you can write multiple blogs about it 😊

Such is the case with Marie Forleo’s gem, “Everything is Figureoutable.” This is my third blog about the book…and it won’t be my last.

This particular blog is about the importance of moving through the fear that may be holding us back from reaching our goals and dreams…our highest potential.

Let’s face it: facing our fears can be daunting indeed. Click To Tweet

“When you’re faced with an opportunity to grow, it’s normal to feel hesitant and unsure,” writes Forleo. “But how do you tell the difference between helpful, directive fear that needs to be metabolized and moved through, and your intuition telling you not to do something that you’ll later regret?”

This is a brilliant question. Let’s ask it again:

How do you tell the difference between fear that needs to be moved through – versus intuition that is warning you NOT to do something…for good reason? Click To Tweet

Because in my experience, it can often be very difficult to tell the difference.

Here is Forleo’s answer:

“Whenever I feel torn about a situation and can’t immediately tell whether I’m experiencing normal, healthy, directive fear (a sign to say yes and GROW!) or an intuitive hit to run the other way, I always find my answer through a subtle, visceral body check. This only takes seconds and it produces a clear answer. Every. Single. Time.”

Forleo suggests this: get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths to allow your mind to settle, then ask yourself this question:

“Does saying yes to this make me feel expansive or constricted?”

“When you imagine moving forward with this opportunity,” writes Forleo, “what happens in your body the nanosecond after you ask the question? Do you feel an openness, a sense of moving forward, a lightness in your chest? Joy, excitement, or fun?”

That probably means your answer is yes.

“Or do you feel an immediate sense of heaviness and dread? Does your heart sink?” asks Forleo. “Does something subtle inside of you retreat, pull back, close down, shut off, or somehow energetically say no?”

That likely means your answer is no.

“Your body has an innate wisdom that extends far beyond reason and logic,” explains Forleo. “You can’t think your way into accessing your body’s intelligence, you have to feel your way in.”

If your answer is a resounding, knee-knocking “OMG…I can’t believe I’m going to do this…I am scared shitless…but yes oh yes oh yes, I say YES!” then:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Susan Jeffers

When I look back at my life experience thus far, I realize I often waited far too long to take brave new steps forward to achieving my goals and dreams.

I allowed the discomfort of healthy fear – that needed to be moved through, not avoided – to hold me back. Click To Tweet

In other words, I often listened to the wrong early warning system. Too often, I let my fear – not my soul – run the show.

But that’s okay…because those days are done. The dress rehearsal is over. My soul runs the show now 🙂

How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Fear Versus Intuition”

  1. Maryanne
    Your blogs are always so inspiring and interesting.
    FEAR??? What is your fear? Or……is it now JOY that you are feeling?
    I probably have both at times. The fun one wins!
    Happy New Year and may your fears be minimal!

  2. Hi Louise! Happy New Year!!! I still have lots of fears! I am really challenging myself to face them one by one. And then just when one fear gets faced, a new one pops up! No shortage of spiritual lessons 🙂

    I do feel oodles of joy (so thankful for that!) but I also know that facing my fears is where there is so much opportunity for growth & moving to the next level as a person.

    Hugs to you & all the best in 2021!
    love ma

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