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Gratitude in the Garden

Backyard garden

Gratitude in the Garden

MA’s garden in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island

“You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”

– Shaun Hick

I hope you are having a splendid summer!

Have I mentioned recently how incredibly grateful I am to have a quiet, peaceful (and beautiful) garden to relax in?

For those of you have been readers of my blog for awhile, you may recall the frustration I experienced at my previous home in Sidney, BC (near Victoria). Though beautiful, my garden was anything but quiet or peaceful.

Between the extremely noisy neighbours on one side (band saw, power washer, weed wacker used to cut the ENTIRE lawn, screaming children, fighting parents, pounding base from the booming stereo, etc) and the busy street out front, it’s a wonder this writer lasted seven years at that abode.

At least I got a heck of a good story out of the experience (a play script entitled “Bungalow by the Sea”)! Making lemonade from lemons, as it were.

However, now that those noisy neighbourhood days are behind me (for now anyway) I can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, those less-than-stellar outdoor living conditions helped pave the way for me to fully appreciate the quiet garden (and street) and I have now?

Not a day goes by that I don’t look to the sky and give a word of thanks to the powers-that-be for the gift of being able to actually sit or putter in my own garden (without having to wear ear protection) and enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty it has to offer.

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As much as I love my work, when I do take breaks, it is awfully nice to be able to hear the chirping of birds versus the screech of a band saw.

The fact that my home & garden are a five minute’s drive from a stunning sandy beach where I can walk for miles, swim (the water is warm because of the big tides) and collect sand dollars at low tide is, truth be told, far beyond my wildest dreams.

I always dreamed of being a “writer by the sea” – but I didn’t realize, until just a few years ago, that a beach like this even existed in Canada. I suspect this is yet another example of our souls keeping important information from us until the time is right.

How about you?

What difficult past experience have you had - that helped prepare you to better appreciate a current situation? Click To Tweet

Or…what difficult situation are you currently experiencing that you will be very happy to be done with – and are promising the powers-that-be that you WILL appreciate a better scenario, when it finally does get delivered?

Here are a few snaps of my surroundings this summer: 

Cheery cosmos


View of backyard garden from family room


Beautiful pink roses


Shaggy daisies 🙂


A shady place to rest


Sand dollars whitening in sun (in rock garden)


Painting sand dollars (ornaments available in Etsy store)


Pretty little summer wreath I made – with sand dollars that were painted & decorated by kids 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude in the Garden”

  1. How wonderful that you finally found your magic QUIET garden in paradise! You deserve it after all that nasty neighbour noise in last home. Wish we had a quiet garden- we have a VERY noisy family with 3 babies/young children directly behind ours who make it very unsavoury for us to spend time in ours…considering putting up a VERY loud water feature to drown out the noise but don’t know if that would work.

  2. Awwhhhhhhhhh…..your garden and door hanging is beautiful. You could sell those…lovely soft summer.
    I walk three minutes through the forest at the back of our property to the ocean then walk along the beach to swim. Yes…it has been very warm and I am so very grateful as you are Maryanne.
    Tide is way out now so you have lots of room to walk. (:<)
    Hugs and stay safe and well.
    Did you get the tv fixed?


  3. Hi Louise! So glad you are enjoying summer…your place sounds lovely indeed! Yes, I got the TV fixed…was very easy, once I was shown how to do it 🙂

    Hugs & enjoy your beach!

  4. Oh no!!! I am sorry to hear you have noisy folks behind you. A water feature is a good idea. It might help a bit! Or you may have to wear ear protection when in your yard…been there, done that and it’s not ideal 🙁
    Take care & see you soon!

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