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Do You Have a Life Coach?

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Updated Dec 30th, 2022

Do You Work With a Life Coach?

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“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”

– Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever worked with a life coach? 

If so, I’d love to hear your experience! What were (are) the benefits for you? Or, what didn’t you like…what didn’t work so well?

I have been working with my life coach, Rob Flichel, for more than two years. For the first eighteen months, we chatted on the phone once a month, for an hour. These days, we only need to chat once every three or four months. His goal was to get me to be able to self-coach myself the vast majority of the time…and that, I believe, is the sign of a very good life coach.

But oh, what an hour’s coaching session can do!

Sometimes it takes a completely objective person to shed light on an issue that we are way too immersed in, to be able to see with any sort of clarity.

Whether it is a personal matter or a business challenge I am grappling with, what I like most about working with Rob is the accountability.

The first part of our session is spent following up on what we talked about the previous month. But I don’t get to just complain or vent about an issue. I also have to make some sort of commitment as to what I am going to do in the month ahead…what tweaks or modifications I am prepared to make to help bring about the changes I wish to see – in myself, my relationships, my projects, my work, my goals, my life.

Once we have discussed what I did (or didn’t do and why), and what worked and what didn’t, then we move on to whatever my current challenge is.

Rob is an excellent listener (he takes notes!). He also has plenty of tools and tangible tips in his toolbox. And he asks very astute questions that help me get to the root of what I’m really struggling with.

Sometimes we need someone else to ask us important and/or difficult questions about that we can hear - out loud - what our answers are. Click To Tweet

That intel is often surprising but usually very useful.

I first met Rob three years ago when I was taking one of his yoga classes at Yoga Grace, a lovely little yoga studio in Qualicum Beach. What struck me most about Rob – long before he started working with me as my life coach – was his wisdom (pragmatic, inner and spiritual). His wife once told me he seems to be somewhat of a…divine pipeline. I suspect she’s right 🙂

This much I do know: if you are going to let someone help guide you through a chapter of your life, it’s imperative you choose the right guide for you. Working with a life coach is a highly individual experience.

If you are considering working with a life coach but are still on the fence, an important question to ask yourself is: are you READY? 

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If you are interested in working with a life coach and think Rob might be a good fit, he often offers a complimentary first session to determine just that.

Rob’s e-mail is

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Life Coach?”

  1. Wow! Sounds great. Look forward to chatting with you about all of this in the future. Glad that you found a coach who’s challenging you in all the right ways.

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