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MA’s Chicago Presentation on You Tube

Maryanne’s Chicago Presentation on You Tube


“In order for us to achieve excellence in our lives we must ask ourselves this simple, but powerful question throughout every day – What’s Important Now?”

– Brian R. Willis, Life’s Most Powerful Question

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may recall I was in Chicago in April. I was one of 9 speakers at WINx – which is a TEDx Talks style event for growth and advancement of the law enforcement profession.

WINx is produced by Brian R Willis of Winning Mind Training Inc and Roy Bethge of the Virtus Group.

My presentation was entitled, Behind the Scenes of a Line of Duty Death – a Police Widow’s Perspective

I spoke about John’s fall and the subsequent workplace safety education initiatives of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. Then I did a post-game analysis of sorts, looking at our reaction to John’s easily preventable death from the perspective of the “What’s Important Now?” question.

“The simple act of stopping to ask this question causes us to briefly pause while our mind imagines the impact of the choices we have and almost immediately brings to mind the most desirable choice. When I say most desirable I do not mean the choice that will give us the most immediate gratification. I mean the choice that will have the most positive impact for us in our lives, based on the foreseeable future. This one powerful question allows us to prioritize decisions, choices, actions, and events in our personal and professional lives.”

– Brian R. Willis, Life’s Most Powerful Question

I also touched upon the challenge of knowing which answer to listen to, when we do stop and ask ourselves, “What’s Important NOW?” Often our monkey mind chatter – and the influence of others – is far louder than the quiet voice we need to be listening to.

“Some call that voice intuition; others say it’s God, or wisdom…the point is, what we call it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that we hear it.”

– Glennon Doyle Melton, O Magazine, July 2017

To view the 20-minute presentation, here is the link.

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Maryanne Pope is the author of A Widow’s Awakening, the playwright of Saviour and the screenwriter of God’s Country. Maryanne is the CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions and Chair of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. If you would like to receive her regular weekly blog, please sign up here.

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