The Gift of Happy Memories

This the 4th blog in the Fall 2018 Life After Loss blog series: The Gift of Happy Memories – May a Memory of Your Loved One Make You Smile This Holiday Season   “Memories are perhaps the best gifts of all.” – Gloria Gaither A couple of weeks ago, I had a table selling my wares at … Read more The Gift of Happy Memories

Taking Death to Parties

This the 2nd blog in the Fall 2018 Life After Loss blog series: Taking Death to Parties – Mentioning Loved Ones Who Have Recently Passed Away   Unfortunately, it’s usually up to the person grieving the recent loss of a loved one who gets stuck bringing death to the party.  ’Tis the season for celebrating But guess what? If … Read more Taking Death to Parties

Death – The Ultimate Mystery

A Widow’s Awakening – Unpacking the Ultimate Mystery By Kara Post-Kennedy “The author understands above all that grief plays tricks with the mind and that as sentient beings we are always seeking meaning; even in tragedy, even in the senseless.” – Kara Post Kennedy Here is a detailed and insightful book review of A Widow’s … Read more Death – The Ultimate Mystery