Putting Grief on Hold to Raise Child

This is the 4th blog in the Mothering Matters Spring 2017 Blog Series: Putting Grief on Hold – a Candid Account of Raising a Child After Death of Spouse   “Looking back, it’s like everyone else around me was falling apart and I was stoic. I feared that if I did let my guard down, … Read more Putting Grief on Hold to Raise Child

Finding Faith – In Ourselves

Finding Faith – In Ourselves   “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Have you ever actually heard yourself complaining about how you can’t do something?  I have…and it wasn’t pretty. But it made for a funny story! I delivered a presentation recently, at a … Read more Finding Faith – In Ourselves

Death-walking – Accompanying the Dying

Death-walker – The Sacred Role of Accompanying the Dying  “When you are with a dying person, you are exactly the one who is supposed to be there. There are no mistakes, and there are no coincidences…have you any idea how hard the Universe had to work to get you in that room, at that time, … Read more Death-walking – Accompanying the Dying