A Widow’s Awakening in Libraries

Calling All Librarians: Why “A Widow’s Awakening” Needs to be in Your Library   “My heart is beating harder and my breathing shorter. I am hugging my husband tighter and kissing him longer. I have burnt supper while reading A Widow’s Awakening. I have read books until wee hours of the night but I have not … Read more A Widow’s Awakening in Libraries

Grief & Money

This is the 5th and final blog in the Fall 2018 Life After Loss blog series:  Grief & Money Go Together Like Flies & Honey   In other words, they don’t. Unfortunately, they do tend to dance into our lives, hand in hand, at the same time…like some sort of poorly-matched dynamic duo. And because … Read more Grief & Money

The Gift of Happy Memories

This the 4th blog in the Fall 2018 Life After Loss blog series: The Gift of Happy Memories – May a Memory of Your Loved One Make You Smile This Holiday Season   “Memories are perhaps the best gifts of all.” – Gloria Gaither A couple of weeks ago, I had a table selling my wares at … Read more The Gift of Happy Memories