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Quadding on Naxos

MA & Em happy on quad on Naxos

Quadding on Naxos

Emily & MA riding a quad on Naxos 🙂

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.”

– Randy Pausch

After Ios, we headed to the Greek island of Naxos for five days. Loved it!

Here are a few shots:

Sunset upon arrival 🙂


Chora/Naxos Town (the main village/port on Naxos)


My writing zone on Naxos


Temple of Apollo

We rented a quad one day to tour the island. Em drove the entire day…ten hours! What a trooper – she did a fantastic job! Her arms were aching by the end of it. I sat on the back like a princess…happily navigating and snapping photos 🙂

What a magical day…it was one of our favourite days of the whole trip!

Here are some pics:

Em the driver


Coffee break


Ummm…yeah 🙂



Lit a candle or two in a Greek Orthodox church


Divine moment on the (long & winding) road


Sheep traffic jam!

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful week! 

Happy MA on Naxos 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Quadding on Naxos”

  1. Looks awesome! Glad you had fun! Greece is one of my top two favourite places, though I’ve never been to Naxos.

  2. Looks like you two are having a fabulous adventure. Thanks for sharing the photos! Maybe don’t make Em drive for 10 hrs a day? Glad you’re having fun!!!
    Love & hugs from Sooke

  3. No, I won’t ask Em to drive for 10 hours a day again…promise!! That was a bit much. But I sure had fun 🙂 We are back home now! Hope you are doing well…I will e-mail you to set up a time for a long-overdue phone chat!
    Take care,

  4. Thanks!! Talk soon…I wanna hear all about Florida life without me! I sure miss you guys & our fun routine there!! But back to work is fun, too…in a different kinda way 🙂

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