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Lost in the Louvre…

Lost in the Louvre…


Tracey outside the Louvre, Paris

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

– Pablo Picasso


I hope you have had a grand week. We sure have 🙂 The worst thing that happened to us was that we got lost in the Louvre – which is not difficult to do, considering it is absolutely massive.

MA relaxing BEFORE going into the Louvre

If you haven’t been, the Louvre Museum is chock FULL of paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewelry and all sorts of exquisite and historical artifacts. We were like kids in a candy store, running from the Italian paintings to the French ones to the Ancient Greece collection and so on.

Wait…here’s the Mona Lisa! Look…over there is the Venus de Milo. Now there is some serious bling of Marie Antoinette’s (a necklace with 32 emeralds and 1000+ diamonds). And is that seriously a 140 CARAT diamond? Oui.

Marie Antoinette’s emerald & diamond necklace


140 carat diamond (centre)

And don’t forget to look UP…there are paintings on the ceilings, too!


When the time came to leave the Louvre, we weren’t allowed to exit via a nice simple arched doorway such as this:


Oh no. Instead, we were ushered this way and that way and voila! The next thing we know, we were standing in the middle of some HUGE attached shopping mall – with no clue (and little in the way of effective signage, in our humble opinion) as to how to get out. Let’s just say that after a few too many laps around the damn mall (after hours in the Louvre), my usually chipper travel partner was no longer chipper.

But nothing that a good verre du vin couldn’t cure 🙂

MA & Tracey, sipping wine at a cafe…somewhere in Paris

The next day (which is when the above photo was really taken) we headed to the Palace of Versailles (wow!) and then the following day, we visited the Garnier Opera House (WOW!). So I shall post those photos next week, as both places were absolutely stunning.

Tracey left for home on Saturday morning and I left for home on Monday. So after all the fun of Paris, I buckled down in my sweet little Sceaux apartment and had one heck of a productive weekend of writing.

I shall leave you with this cute photo of a Sceaux kitty up to no good. She was chasing pigeons…on the side of a building!


Take care and have a delightful week!

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6 thoughts on “Lost in the Louvre…”

  1. Oh, I do hope you can get back to Paris someday, Marjorie. What a lovely city!

    I hope you have had a good summer,

  2. Hi Angela! I bet you will LOVE Paris!! There is so much beauty with all the art & architecture. And the history is fascinating.

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