MM #4 The Sandwich Generation

This is the 4th Mothering Matters blog in the Spring 2016 blog series: Raising Kids While Caring for Elderly Parents: What is Too Much? By Joyce van Dijk-George “In the evenings I went over to my parent’s place and looked after Dad, so my Mom could have a break. I had supper with my family … Read more MM #4 The Sandwich Generation

F the F #5 – Giant Floating Garbage Patch

Trash Island: The World’s Largest Landfill, Minus the Land     “60% of the plastic found in the oceans is comprised of “one life plastic” – plastic bags, Styrofoam food containers and plastic drink bottles which can have a life expectancy of over 500 years.” – Beth Terry, Fake Plastic Fish Giant floating garbage patch … Read more F the F #5 – Giant Floating Garbage Patch