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“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.”

– Epicurus

As of Monday May 11th, 2015, the Mothering Matters blog series is underway…yahoo!

If you would like to join the discussion on all sorts of subjects related to mothering and motherhood, *subscribe now to receive the Mothering Matters e-mail (that will go out every Monday through to July 27th, 2015) – and your name will be entered to win a Momma Pope Memory Mug.

Say what?

Momma Pope with tall fruity drink on Alaskan cruise, 2011

A Momma Pope Memory Mug!

My Mom, a.k.a. “Momma Pope,” loved her coffee mugs. She collected mugs from many of the places she traveled to over the years – or received them as gifts from people (such as myself). So every morning at home, she would choose a different mug to have her coffee in – and take a moment to think of the person or place the mug came from.

When she passed away in March, 2014, my family and I had to go through all the belongings in her apartment 🙁 and let’s just say that I, being a chip off the old block, perhaps took more than my share of items home with me…or rather, shipped home at a later date.

In other words, I am now the proud owner of, among other things, a rather large collection of coffee mugs.

*So if you want a cool cup (I promise I only kept the pretty ones!), subscribe to Mothering Matters by Friday May 15th and get your name in the first draw.

Granted, they won’t be your memories…but who can’t find a use for a much-loved coffee mug?

And besides, what better way to kick off the Mothering Matters campaign than promoting the planet-friendly practice of re-gifting versus buying new 🙂

Mothering Matters is a forum in which the motherhood decision is explored and the challenges & responsibilities of motherhood and mothering are discussed, so we can learn from one another – whether we are raising children ourselves or not – as we move forward together to a healthier future for all.

Tue May 19th, 2015:

And we have a winner of the Momma Pope Memory Mug…Nina Steele of!!



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