Lousy Legacy – Too Many Canadians Die on Job

Lousy Legacy – Too Many Canadians Die on Job   “On any given workday in Canada, three people will die from a job-related fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease.” – Threads of Life; The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support As far as I’m concerned, one workplace fatality is one too many. That nearly 20,000 Canadians … Read more

A Widow’s Awakening Novel Available!

A Widow’s Awakening Novel is Now Available!   “I fear acceptance of his death because I know that will lead to apathy. Somehow positive change has to come out of this.” – Maryanne Pope, A Widow’s Awakening 100% of proceeds from first 1000 copies sold goes to JPMF On September 29th, 2000, Cst John Petropoulos … Read more