Squash Anyone?

Squash Anyone?   Not the vegetable – the sport 🙂 A year ago, I returned to the squash court after a twenty-year hiatus (hence the really outdated safety glasses in the photo above!). I love the game. Unfortunately, I had to stop again because my knee was acting up…too many years spent pounding through the … Read more

When Our Body Says No…

When Our Body Says No We’d Be Wise to Listen I’ve heard it said our soul speaks to us in soft whispers. And my mind certainly has no problem communicating to me through that nagging little voice that says, “You probably shouldn’t do that…” Now I’m learning to listen to what my body is trying … Read more

What Might You Be Stuffing Down This Season?

  What Might You Be Stuffing Down This Season?   “We are – in nearly every sense of the word – stuffed. Saturated. Trying to cram in a little more on Dec 25th seems kind of pointless.” – Bill McKibben, Hundred Dollar Holiday; The Case for a More Joyful Christmas The season of comfort food is … Read more