Mountains of Light Book

Note: At the time of writing this blog (Aug 7th, 2018) Yosemite National Park is closed due to the Ferguson wildfire. Thousands of tourists have been evacuated and two firefighters have died. My thoughts & prayers go out to the family, friends and colleagues of the firefighters. The Healing Power of Nature – Mountains of … Read more Mountains of Light Book

WHEN? Time of Day Matters

WHEN? Why Time of Day Matters   “The best time to perform a particular task depends on the nature of that task.” –¬†Daniel Pink, When; The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing Just going to tackle that oh-so-important task any old time? Think again…on when. I recently finished reading Daniel Pink’s latest book, When; The Scientific … Read more WHEN? Time of Day Matters

Join the Journey of AWA

Join the Journey – Request an Early Review Copy of A Widow’s Awakening before June 30th   “The experience of reading this book is nothing less than a journey. One woman’s journey from the death of her husband, through the search for some meaning, and finally to a level of acceptance. I’m sure there isn’t … Read more Join the Journey of AWA