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 “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” 
                                                                                  – George Eliot 

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Excuses Are Dream Killers

Excuses Are Dream Killers “Can’t” Usually Means “Won’t” “99% of the time when we say we “can’t” do something, “can’t” is a euphemism for “won’t.”

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Do You Trust Yourself?

Do You Trust Your Self? “Trust your dreams. Trust your heart and trust your story.” — Neil Gaiman #1. Do you trust your dream/s? Do

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Maintaining Momentum

Tips for Maintaining Momentum on Creative Projects “For long-haul creativity, nothing is more important than momentum.” – Steven Kotler, “The Art of Impossible” For pretty

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Madwoman in Attic

Beware the Mad Woman in the Attic – Then Befriend Her (Sort Of) “Each person’s madwoman is different. For you, maybe she’s more like a

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Parisian Adventure

Our Parisian Adventure “Paris is a doable dream, and your writing is a doable dream. Both require the same nurturing and the same attention, the

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Gratitude Journal

The Gargantuan Gifts of the Good Ole Gratitude Journal “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~

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Decisive Moments

Decisive Moments – Small But Mightier Than You Might Think “Every day, there are a handful of moments that deliver an outsized impact. I refer

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Subconscious Drives Bus

Did You Know Your Subconscious Drives the Bus? “What feels like decisions about what we see, say, and do are pre-determined orders from our subconscious

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Limiting Beliefs

BAM! How to Scare a Limiting Belief Out of Your Subconscious “If you succeed at staying the course, one of the many glorious results can

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Systems Over Goals

What the Focaccia?! Forget Goals; Focus on Systems “Forget about goals, focus on systems instead.” – James Clear, “Atomic Habits” At first glance, this concept

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Hawaii Five-4

Hawaii Five-4 “When gratitude becomes your default setting, life changes.” – Nancy Leigh Demoss Aloha! I hope things are going well with you!! However, after

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Motion Versus Action

Motion Versus Action – BIG Difference Between the Two   “Motion makes you feel like you’re getting things done. But really, you’re just preparing to

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Obstacles ARE the Path

Obstacles ARE the Path Say What? “Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.” – Zen proverb It has taken me decades to

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