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Pink Gazelle of the Week

pink gazelle shoes at GC 3

Pink Gazelle of the Week

Maryanne in her Pink Gazelle Adidas, Grand Canyon

“To be a pink gazelle is to believe in one’s self, abilities, dreams and capacity to contribute in whatever way is authentic for her.”

– Maryanne Pope, Pink Gazelle Productions Inc

What is a Pink Gazelle?

A pink gazelle is a positive way for a woman to perceive herself. To be a pink gazelle is to believe in one’s self, creative capabilities and capacity to contribute significantly to society…in whatever way is authentic for her.

Being a pink gazelle means finding the courage to pursue one’s purpose with passion, perseverance and patience.

A pink gazelle has a strong sense of self-worth and has learned the importance of standing up for what she believes in. Click To Tweet

Because if she doesn’t, who will?

Sadie & Maryanne in Mendocino, California

Pink Gazelle of the Week

The “Pink Gazelle of the Week” is an initiative of Pink Gazelle Productions.

We love to call attention to a Pink Gazelle on Twitter...a woman whose life, work, passion and/or purpose embodies the qualities of a Pink Gazelle. Click To Tweet

Our goal is to shine a spotlight on them and showcase the cause, issue, charity, company, activity or message that is important to them.

About Pink Gazelle Productions

PGP is a company that creates literary, theatrical and cinematic projects & products that serve to inspire, challenge and empower people to effect positive change in themselves and the world around them.

To learn more, please visit

#GoPinkGazelle on Twitter

Join us on Twitter at @MaryannePope and use the hashtag #gopinkgazelle to cheer each other on!

Maryanne Pope, photograph by Roxanne Low

Maryanne Pope is the author of A Widow’s Awakening, the playwright of Saviour and the screenwriter of God’s Country. Maryanne is CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions and Chair of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. If you would like to receive her weekly blog, please sign up here.

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