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Laughing at Ourselves – Boudoir Photo Shoot…

MA & Roxanne selfie at East Sooke

Laughing at Ourselves – Boudoir Photo Shoot, Thong Faux Pas & the Pub Crawl Sprawl


MA & Roxanne, East Sooke Regional Park

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”

– Michael Pritchard

The above photo of me and photographer Roxanne Low was taken a few years ago – right after our rather comical photo shoot that took place in a park. Roxanne specializes in boudoir photos, so that’s exactly what we were doing in East Sooke Regional Park on Vancouver Island.

And let me tell you, I had not laughed that hard in a long time!

The afternoon started with us non-chalantly walking out of the parking lot and wandering into the wilderness…carrying a stepladder, fluffy white duvet and a rather large suitcase (boy, did we ever get some strange looks!) and then for one reason or another, the day just got more and more comical from there.

Before I tell you what happened, I’ll first share this funny story I’d read in O Magazine, that tied in beautifully with the “lingerie/laughing at ourselves” theme:

“Recently, my pants split right down the back without my knowledge, and I walked around a friend’s house for hours, mingling and refreshing my drink, before somebody said, “Oh, honey, is that your butt?”

It was indeed my butt! I was wearing a brick red thong and a maxi pad that peeked out of it like a duck bill. Truly, it couldn’t have been worse. And still I laughed. I was among friends. It would be a funny story later. The pants were getting old anyway. As was worrying about things that don’t merit worry. Things that make me perfectly human.”

– Katie Arnold-Ratliff, O Magazine, August 2017

Can you imagine?!

And yet…on the topic of underwear (or lack there-of, as the case may be), here’s a rather embarrassing story of my own. The story is so legendary, it even has a title: 

“The Pub Crawl Sprawl” 

I was 28 at the time of the incident. I had been married to my husband John for about 6 months and we were living in an apartment in Calgary. He was out at the bar with his friends. I had been out on a pub crawl with my friends and had arrived back at the apartment before him. I’d crawled into bed – but when I heard him and his buddies coming down the hallway, for some reason I jumped out of bed, opened the front door and then turned back inside…and was heading back to bed when I passed out, face-down on the hallway carpet.

So when John and his buddies came around the corner to check on me, they found me face-down on the floor…my nightie up over my head, bare butt in the air. Oh dear. John was beyond mortified!

I dare say that was my last pub crawl.

Back to the Boudoir Photo Shoot in Sooke…

Roxanne and I laughed and laughed and laughed…at each other, at ourselves, at the circumstances. And I think that joy and lightheartedness ended up being reflected in the photos.

From the Search & Rescue exercise underway around the corner. to the multiple hikers who traipsed right through the middle of our photo shoot, to the fact that, try as a I might, I just couldn’t get the hang of “ballet hands” (a way of holding one’s hands so they look relaxed and graceful), it is rather amazing that I was able to stop laughing long enough for Roxanne to snap a few pics.

But snap she did. For I was in the hands of a pro who captured the essence of me: sassy, smart, strong & sporty.

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