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Help Stop Wolf Cull In Alberta

 Please Help Stop Wolf Cull in Alberta


Western Canada Wolf

“Ironically, the species once regarded as a threat to our survival is turning out to be a test of how likely we are to achieve sustainability & coexistence with the elements that sustain us.”

– Paul Paquet & Ludwig Carbyn, 2003 


According to Wolf Awareness Inc, a Canadian non-profit organization committed to wolf research and public education, more than 800 wolves have been killed under the guise of protecting Alberta’s Little Smokey Caribou herd – in habitat that is 95% disturbed by oil and gas infrastructure.

The WAI website explains how “Wolves were killed in strangling snares, gunned down from helicopters and poisoned using elk and moose killed and laced with strychnine. Indiscriminate weapons, snares, killed 676 other animals, including 2 caribou. There is no way to estimate how many non-target animals died of strychnine poisoning.”

Not only is culling wolves an ineffective way of increasing caribou population, it is also inhumane and unethical. In fact, aerial shooting is not an approved method under Canada’s current guidelines on Approved Animal Care.

The article entitled, Killing 890 Wolves to Learn About Them: Something’s Wrongby Marck Bekoff, Ph.D explores the practice of killing animals – especially a keystone species such as wolves – in the name of conservation.

grey wolf photo landscape

To raise public awareness about the wolf killings in Western Canada, Wolf Awareness Inc is currently seeking donations for their billboard campaign in BC & Alberta. In mid-July, they will be putting up a billboard on Alberta Hwy 2, between Calgary and Edmonton, with the hopes of getting more people to speak up on behalf of wolves…and help stop the culling.


To donate to Wolf Awareness Inc in support of their billboard campaign, here is the link.

As a long-time member of Wolf Awareness Inc and a life-time supporter of wolves, I made a donation a few weeks ago…every little bit helps. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Help Stop Wolf Cull In Alberta”

  1. Horrible and appalling. I am also strongly opposed to the seal hunt. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Jodi Picoult also wrote a
    book involving wolves which was spellbinding.

  2. The wolf culling in Western Canada is appalling, Jennifer, but I am very glad that my blog brought the issue to your attention.

    I loved Jodi Picoult’s book about wolves, too…it was excellent!

  3. Thank you for spreading awareness on the Alberta wolf. . .it truly is appalling what is happening to them and so many people don’t know or don’t care to make a stand for our wolves 🙁

  4. Hi Leeanne…thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I am very honoured to do my tiny part in helping spread the word about the wolf situation in Western Canada. It sickens me that wolves are being needlessly killed – but I am very grateful to organizations such as Wolf Awareness Inc and Raincoast Conservation Foundation who are actively helping raise public awareness about the situation. Thank goodness.
    Take care,

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