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1000 books just arrived on my doorstep!

The next shipment of A Widow’s Awakening has arrived!

Woohoo! We’ve now pretty much sold the first 1500 copies of the initial print run from Sept 2008 (aside from a few outstanding strays) so today’s arrival of 1000 more books is the second printing of the first edition…

…not to be confused with the first printing of the SECOND edition of A Widow’s Awakening – which will be coming out in 2011!

This 2011  second edition will have a whole new look…different front cover, slightly different size (to try and get those mailing costs down), reader testimonials, media reviews, book club discussion guidelines AND…the first chapter of my second book, which will be the sequel to A Widow’s Awakening. This  second book in the series, if all goes well, will be released in September 2011. I better get on that…

At any rate, if you haven’t yet read A Widow’s Awakening, the easiest way to purchase it these days is on-line, either through or Or you can just e-mail us at

And if you HAVE read it and are interested in having your book club discuss it, please click here for details. We’ve got a cool promo going on till Dec 31st.

Not sure what the heck A Widow’s Awakening is?

It’s the creative non-fiction book I wrote about the first year of grief following the death of my husband – a police officer who passed away in the line of duty – in all it’s heart-wrenchingly sad and yet often humerous candour. Basically it’s a very honest (some say engaging) account of my going off the deep end with a nice big swan dive 🙁

Please click here for further details on the book.

20% of all proceeds of book sales through Pink Gazelle Productions go to the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund.


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