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Headin’ Home…

Well…so much for THAT idea – of blogging while on the roadtrip to California! Ter and I were far too busy seeing the sights, having a hoot, eating copious amounts of food and driving, driving, driving to actually sit down and write very much 🙂

We are now back in Washington and will be heading towards Port Angeles today to catch the ferry to Victoria.

Here are a few highlights from the past 2 weeks:

  • Spent the 10th anniversary of John’s death – Wed Sept 29th – quite literally sitting on top of a sand dune in Honeyman State Park, near Florence, Oregon. The day was hot and sunny and the hike to the top of the dune was so steep at times that I had to crawl on my hands and knees. Soda was huffing and puffing behind me…but we made it! I felt FABULOUS…strong, happy, at peace, free and very appreciative of having had so many great times with John – and so many other people, too. My sister-in-law, Tracy, was right all those years ago…the time does come when memories can sustain.
  • Went to San Francisco and met up with Katie and Erica for dinner in Salsalito. Ter and I met Katie and Erica 9 years ago while traveling in Morocco, when the four of us took the overnight train to Marakkesh! So it was great fun meeting up again and getting all caught up on our lives. Ter and I also met up with Cory, a friend of mine from Calgary, and had yet another delicious meal by the sea. Ter loved seeing the Haight-Ashbury district – home of the hippies and vintage clothing shops.
  • Ate a delicious dinner in Carmel and then drove south to San Simeon where Hearst Castle is. Wow!! The castle is stunning and HUGE…and we only saw about 25% of what there is to see. The two pools were definitely the highlight for me.
  • Drank our way through Napa Valley, including a winding trek to the out-of-the-way Pope Valley Winery because when in Rome…and we were rewarded by meeting a delightful antelope (guy in gazelle-speak) there by the name of David. I bought 3 bottles 🙂
  • Returned to Newport, Oregon as both Ter and I absolutely LOVE the place! We’ll for sure return to Newport in the not too distant future to actually get some writing done…hahahahha
  • On a final note, Sable and Soda are not only still alive, they are actually doing very well and seem to be thoroughly enjoying all the new sniffs. I find Sable to be rather extraordinary, truth be told, because not only is she blind and pretty much deaf, she also turned 13 on the trip. I hope I’m that easygoing when I hit my nineties!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Maryanne, Sable, Soda and Ter

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