Mothering Matters 2016 Begins May 2nd!

  Mothering Matters 2016 Blog Series Begins May 2nd!    “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” – Robert A. Heinlein I’m not a mother in the traditional sense; I’m not raising a child. Nor have I. But I struggled for decades over whether or not motherhood was a path I wished … Read more

MM #9 Mom Decision – Therapist’s View

  To Mom or Not to Mom – A Therapist’s Perspective By Esther Kane When clients come to me seeking help with making the decision as to mother or not to mother, I find I am in a unique position as a 44 year-old women’s psychotherapist who has chosen not to have children. I have been … Read more

Mothering Matters Resumes May 2015

Mothering Matters Weekly Blog Series to Resume on May 11th, 2015…let’s get this party started (again)!   Why Mothering Matters?   To have a mother’s sensibility, you don’t need to be female; you don’t even need to have children. You just need to have a soul that cares about the future more than you care … Read more