FTF #2 – Reusable Coffee Mugs

Let’s Make Using Reusable Hot Beverage Mugs COOL (Again)      “Canadians use 1.6 billion disposable hot beverage cups each year.” – Environment Canada Yes, you read correctly: Canadians use more than 1.6 billion paper and polystyrene cups every year. That is the equivalent of half a million trees. Yikes! And all those cups – … Read more FTF #2 – Reusable Coffee Mugs

Face the Future Starts Apr 22nd 2016!

  Concerned About the Environment? Face the Future Blog Series Begins Apr 22, 2016 “We don’t have much time. If we truly care about the future of our planet we must stop leaving it to “them” out there to solve all the problems. It is up to us to save the world for tomorrow: it’s … Read more Face the Future Starts Apr 22nd 2016!