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Summer Snaps of Sask

MA & mule outside truck

Summer Snaps of Saskatchewan

“The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.”

– Hubert H. Humphrey


I hope you are having a splendid summer! Due to the many forest fires, it has been – and continues to be – a very dangerous & difficult summer for many 🙁

Although I was quite happily holed up in my seaside hobbit hole, writing to my heart’s content, it would seem the Universe felt I needed a change of scenery. For the moment the travel restrictions eased, I found myself on a plane (ack! my first flight since Mar 2020!) to Saskatoon, where I met up with some of my oldest buddies: Colleen, Kristin, Barb & Alan.

We go waaaayyyyy back (to Junior High, in some cases)!  The five of us spent a fab couple of days at Col’s place in Saskatoon. Then we all went to Lake Diefenbaker for more R&R. Delightful!

Next stop was Foam Lake (2.5 hours east of Saskatoon), where I met up with another old friend, Jackie (we only go back twenty years…hah!). She and her family have a cattle ranch near Foam Lake. Heaven!

I whipped up a short video (1 min) with some of my fav prairie pics from the trip. Here is the link to view it.



Take care & stay well 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Summer Snaps of Sask”

  1. Hi. I am with Phyllis and she is now looking after me as I tripped and have broken my left wrist. Ouch!
    Didn’t plan on this visiting Victoria. Need help to get me and my car back to Fanny Bay. No more swimming (:<(
    Hugs and glad you are having such a good holiday. Louise

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear you broke your wrist, Louise. Yikes! I hope you got back to Fanny Bay, safe & sound. Very disappointing about no more swimming this summer 🙁

    Take care!

  3. That pic of you looking into the donkey’s ear is classic. At least I’m think it’s a donkey. I’m not up on my livestock identification. :p

  4. I think that was a donkey, too! Or it might have been a mule. I met both a donkey AND a mule that day. The mules look very much like smaller horses with bigger ears. The donkeys definitely look like donkeys 🙂

    Hope you guys are doing well!

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