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Learning From Loss – Interview with Maryanne Pope


“A Widow’s Awakening had a real impact…which left me reflecting upon many different things; how precious our time is, the fragility of life, embracing the relationships in our lives, following our own paths, and even about procrastination.”

– Elliot Windmill,

On March 30th, 2018, Elliot Windmill, Founder of, kindly posted an in-depth interview with author, Maryanne Pope, about her book, A Widow’s Awakening, and some of her experiences (including travel!) in the years since her husband’s death.

Here is that article:

Every once in a while, something, or somebody, comes along and reminds you of exactly why you do what you do.

Maryanne Pope, is that somebody. Maryanne’s story, is that something.

When I first discovered Maryanne’s book, A Widow’s Awakening, I became immersed straight away. And when I closed that back cover and finished the book, I knew that the story could not end there. I had to get in touch. I needed to get involved.

Because the tragic accident that took the life of on-duty police officer John Petropoulos, Maryanne’s husband, is something that could so easily happen to any one of us. And the grief, the fear, the heartbreak, and the anger, are all emotions that we too could be facing one day.

The reality that hit me as I turned each page and completed every chapter was that the people you love most in this world can be there one minute and gone in the next.

Everything can change in an instant.

A Widow’s Awakening serves both as a valuable resource for those that are facing grief in their own lives, and also as a welcome reminder and a source of inspiration for us to cherish the people that we love while we still have the chance.

I began corresponding with Maryanne and discovered a person that was incredibly warm, open, and passionate about sharing her story, and following her personal mission. And I feel so incredibly proud to be able to bring this interview to you today…

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“I have always loved traveling. My mom and one of my older brothers were both big travelers, so I was brought up in a household where travel – in whatever form – was the norm.”

– Maryanne Pope


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