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Camp Pope Ends Tonight!


 Camp Pope Ends Tonight!


Paige's perspective picture
“Perspective” by Paige Cumming, 13

 “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”

– Tim Burton

3 days, 7 kids, 1 Auntie, 1 Golden Retriever and 1 very messy house…Camp Pope 2015 is well under way!

Paige, 13, who sketched the above picture , is right: life is about perspective. As a single gal with no kids, I’m certainly getting a different perspective on life. I have a profound appreciation for parents and the time, effort, organization and cash it takes, day in and day out, to make the world of a family go ’round.

And we’re just in fun-mode!

Here are a few snaps so far from Camp Pope 2015:

group at airport
L to R: Nicholas, Zach, Alyssa, Taylor, Holly, Paige & Ella
MA stunned at airport
MA at the airport, the calm before the storm
Nicholas and Ella polishing silver
Nicholas and Ella polishing silver (putting them to work!)
MA with painted face & Sadie
Sadie & MA
gang in living room
Movie time
Ella with flower
Ella taking a break from doing the tango
Alyssa, Holly, Paige and Ella on ferry
Alyssa, Paige, Holly & Ella on ferry to Sidney Spit – we got soaked!
Tay & Holly on couch
Holly & Taylor with morning Starbucks
Zach sleeping
Zach, sound asleep

Once the rest of the kids wake up, we’ll be cooking up one of our infamous big-breakfasts (chocolate chip pancakes & bacon) and then heading to the aquarium, then on to Durance Lake for a swim.

Have a great day!

Registration for Camp Pope 2015 is obviously now closed. Registration for Camp Pope 2016 will begin on August 1st, 2015….I think 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Camp Pope Ends Tonight!”

  1. This is such an awesome thing you do with your nieces and nephew. They will have memories to treasure for the rest of their lives.

  2. There is no age limit! Don’t think babies would get much out of Camp Pope, though….hahahahahaha! Let’s talk about Camp Pope 2016 on the phone, Jac…I would love to see your gang come out for a visit – even if we just have our own little Camp Pope 🙂

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