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What is a Pink Gazelle?

What is a pink gazelle?


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Check out this fab Q&A with Angela J Ford and Maryanne Pope – published May 14th, 2015.


Maryanne Pope, a writer, author and entrepreneur is for sure! Although I haven’t personally met her yet, from emails back and forth I can tell she truly has a caring personality that shines. Don’t miss a word of her inspiring story:

Q: Why did you choose to create Pink Gazelle and what gave you the idea to make it happen?

A: I chose to create my company, Pink Gazelle Productions, in 2002, as a means to handle my expenses as a writer. But I soon realized that I wanted my company to be more than a businessI wanted it to be a means by which I could encourage and inspire people, through my writing, to bring about positive change – both in their own lives and in the world around them.

The name Pink Gazelle came from a wild experience I had with a friend in the Sahara desert in Morocco. I was in an unhealthy emotional state as my husband had died 6 months before. I learned some difficult lessons about how to stand on my own two feet and take proper care of myself. Mostly, however, I realized I had to learn how to love myself againhow to perceive myself not just as a gazelle (a term of endearment for a woman) but as a pink gazelle – a woman of self-worth with or without a husband.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you have faced?

A: 99% of the obstacles that I have faced as a woman, as a writer and as an entrepreneur have been in my own mind: excuses, procrastination, denial, lack of confidence, etc. Unfortunately, however, these obstacles are often the toughest to removebut one by one, I have done so. And what I’m finding is that when I get out of my own way, all sorts of wonderful personal and professional opportunities arise…

Please click here to read the complete Q&A on Angela J Ford’s outstanding website!

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