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WWOW May 28th – Confessions…




“You did not come to sit on the sidelines and watch. You came to dance.”

Veronica Hay, Magazine of People and Possibilities

dirty shoes pic

Here is the link to view the May 28th WWOW, “Confessions of a Dirty Shoe Dancer.”

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1 thought on “WWOW May 28th – Confessions…”

  1. Here’s a great comment on this blog:

    Fab piece of writing Maryanne. I’m in my 40s and even thought it’s been my most challenging decade so far, it’s also been my most freeing because I’ve learned that personal tragedy is eventually followed by personal triumph. I’ve learned, and now appreciate, that no one does the dance of life exactly the same way and that everyone dances to a different drummer — whether they admit it or not. Conformity is overrated 🙂

    SL, Calgary, AB

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