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WWOW Apr 16th 2014 A Tribute to My Mom



“Live decently, fearlessly, joyously…and don’t forget that in the long run it is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.”

– Adlai Stevenson


Here is the link to read the Wed Apr 16th, 2014 edition of WWOW: A Tribute to My Mom, Mary Pope

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1 thought on “WWOW Apr 16th 2014 A Tribute to My Mom”

  1. This awesome comment just came in via e-mail:

    MA I am so so sorry to get the news about your mom! After reading the absolutely amazing tribute you wrote for her, I am kicking myself for never taking the opportunity to meet her!! What a woman…and what a legacy she has left. The love and respect you have for her – while acknowledging all of her strengths and weaknesses – are everything a parent could hope for. I know she must have been incredibly proud of you. You do her credit – John was absolutely right. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs.
    AC, Vancouver, BC

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