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We’re Back! TWH e-zine Feb 2014



The Watering Hole e-zine is back!  


If you’re not a subscriber to Pink Gazelle Productions’ monthly e-zine, The Watering Hole, here is the link to the Feb 2014 edition. Enjoy!

If you would like to subscribe to automatically receive The Watering Hole each month, please sign up here.

Maryanne & the PGP team

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3 thoughts on “We’re Back! TWH e-zine Feb 2014”

  1. This comment came in via e-mail:

    “Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your new issue of the Watering Hole.

    Really enjoyed the story about your life and your Mom and Soda – and lots of other great stuff included as well.”
    VH, Calgary, AB

  2. This comment just came in via e-mail:

    “Hey…Great to see you back! If “what doesn’t kill us…”, you should take up weight-lifting!Hang in there and happy writing!”
    CS, Calgary, AB

  3. This comment also came in via e-mail:

    “THANKS so much and SO glad The Watering Hole is back! I don’t usually have time to read ‘fun’ stuff but took some time this pm to read your articles….thank you!

    I am also really intrigued by Saviour and what you are embarking on…in a (in a previous lifetime it seems) I was a huge drama fan who loved to act in high school and in the beginning of my undergrad years…another intersection in our lives.

    The past year has been a huge ‘learning curve’ as I lost a dear friend/mentor in February and had my first introduction to grief (which has done a great job of kicking my butt!)

    Hope you are taking care and as another woman who continues to seek that ‘balance’ consider yourself hugged!”
    LS, Calgary, AB

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