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Weekly Words of Wisdom to Launch on Mar 28th, 2012


Are you in need of a little weekly shot of inspiration? 


We can help! Our Weekly Words of Wisdom (“WWOW”) e-mail campaign will launch on Wednesday Mar 28th, 2012.

This complimentary (and short!) weekly e-mail will have an inspirational quote or anecdote, as well as a link to a related story or article…created to help get your Wednesdays off to a great start :)

To view a sample WWOW e-mail please click here.

Click here to subscribe. 

Thank you!
Maryanne & the Pink Gazelle Productions Team 


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Words of Wisdom to Launch on Mar 28th, 2012”

  1. This comment came in from LeeAnne:

    WWWOW! Wonderful weekly words of wisdom – thanks for sending me the info. You definitely have a gift with words! What a lovely place to set up your abode 😉

    Congratulations on pursuing, accomplishing and sharing so much on your life’s journey thus far.

    Hugs to you!

    I ADORE your bespectacled pink gazelle comic/graphic!

  2. This comment in from Camilla:

    You are truly a very powerful writer. I spoke of you to my mum yesterday.

    You put your heart on a platter and offer it to everyone. How can our hearts not connect when you have so generously offered yours. You are
    gifting experiences to people less able to voice their feelings.

    I stand in amazement and awe.

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