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Thur Feb 2, 2012With over 1500 print copies sold, A Widow’s Awakening is now available as an audio book. Based on a true story, this creative non-fiction book is an extraordinary tale of a young woman’s journey through grief after the on-duty death of her police officer husband.

Shockingly candid and surprisingly humorous, A Widow’s Awakening is striking a chord with readers. “The number one comment I hear from people,” author Maryanne Pope says, “is that they can’t book the book down. As a writer, I love hearing that!”

“As a widow,” Pope continues, “I wish I didn’t have to tell the story I did. A Widow’s Awakening may be a gripping read – but it is not an easy one…I realize that.”

Click here to hear a short audio clip (1 min 30 sec) from A Widow’s Awakening.

“You almost want to apologize,” wrote Michael Platt of the Calgary Sun newspaper, “reading Maryanne Pope’s account of her husband’s death. So vivid is her description, you feel like an intruder…a voyeuristic journey both heart wrenching and uncomfortable.”

Perhaps it is this very candour, however, that readers resonate with.

“I must tell you I found your book heart wrenching,” wrote Sarah, “and I also had a couple of really good laughs. I couldn’t put it down.”

“I wanted to let you know how your book touched me,” said another reader, Jolie. “A Widow’s Awakening made me weep, and laugh, and weep. I know this will sound cliché, but I couldn’t put your book down. Literally. I wasn’t able to set the book down until I had read right through to the end.”

Sherry had this to say: “I got home Friday night and was going to “start” the book – well, I didn’t put it down till I finished!! I laughed but mostly cried. It was an amazing read…thank you for sharing.”

“Your book,” wrote Susan, “is FABULOUS…I couldn’t put it down!”

“I couldn’t put this book down! As the spouse of a firefighter, this unforgettable book made me feel that although there are dangers faced by emergency workers, everyone has the same right to safety,” is what Kristin had to say.

“I bought your book yesterday and meant to wait until the next day to read it,” wrote Darcy. “I crawled into bed and tried to sleep but something kept at me. So I crawled out of bed and read your book from start to finish. It was amazing. I couldn’t put it down.”

This was from Parveen: “WOW!” As soon as I read the first line, I couldn’t put the book down.”

“My heart is beating harder and my breathing shorter,” wrote Kim. “I am hugging my husband tighter and kissing him longer. I have burnt supper while reading! I have read books until wee hours of the night but I have not felt this much about a book before.”

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