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November 1st, 2008

Hello and welcome to the very first blog from Pink Gazelle Productions Inc (PGP). We’re brand new at this blogging thing so please bear with us as we stumble our way through!

First off, thank you so much for stopping by the PGP website and hopefully taking a look around. Our big news at the moment is the release of A Widow’s Awakening, a creative non-fiction book by me, Maryanne Pope. Please click here, if you’d like to see the book’s promo kit – and here for a list of book signings as well as which bookstores are currently carrying the book. Or you can always order on-line 🙂

My husband, John Petropoulos, was a Calgary police officer who passed away in the line of duty on Sept 29th, 2000. John was investigating a break and enter complaint at a warehouse when he fell through a false ceiling and succumbed to brain injuries. There was no safety railing in place to warn him – or anyone else – of the danger. We were both 32 at the time.

After John’s death, several of his police recruit classmates started the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund, which is now a non-profit society that raises awareness about workplace safety for emergency services personnel – police, fire, EMS & tow truck drivers.

And after John’s death, I got to work on writing what would become A Widow’s Awakening. It took me eight years to get it where it – and I – needed to be. But it’s done and finding its way in the world! So far, the response has been overwhelming, particularly from other people who are struggling through the grieving process and trying to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of the books go to the JPMF.

About a year and a half after John’s death, I started my company, Pink Gazelle Productions Inc – mainly just to handle my writing expenses. That the company has now produced an award-winning documentary called Whatever Floats Your Boat…Perspectives on Motherhood (about the ‘to be or not to be…a mom?’ decision) and education kit, as well as several play scripts, is rather mind-boggling…but good!

So that’s enough for our first blog. I hope you enjoy the PGP website and I look forward to hearing feedback on our site and creative works.

Until next time, take care!

Maryanne Pope

CEO, Pink Gazelle Productions Inc

Board Chair, John Petropoulos Memorial Fund

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