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Matthew McConaughey Interview

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Marie Forleo Interview with Matthew McConaughey…

Blew My Socks Off 🙂 

“Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice. Every time.”

– Matthew MConaughey

You know how sometimes you listen to a podcast or interview – and the person speaking seems to be talking directly TO you?

That’s kinda the feeling I got while listening to Marie Forleo’s podcast interview with the actor, Matthew McConaughey, the other day.

I really found his stories & insights fascinating…and thought you might be interested, too. He has recently published a book entitled, “Greenlights,” which I shall be reading 🙂

Not only is Matthew McConaughey an amazing storyteller, he shares hard-earned wisdom that we may be able to apply to our own lives. Click To Tweet

In his interview with Marie Forleo, he talks about:

– How to catch more “greenlights” in your life.

– The biggest red light of Matthew’s life — and how he survived it.

– When to persist, pivot, or quit.

– Why “needing” will ruin your relationships and career — & what to do instead.

– The non-negotiable practices you need to balance career and family.

– How to reinvent yourself at any age.

Here is the link to Marie’s site, where you can view the video or listen to the podcast.


P.S. My fav story of Matthew’s was the period in his life when he kept saying NO to Hollywood…they wanted him to keep making Rom-Com’s but he wanted to make dramas. He held out.

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