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Writer Get Noticed! But First…Figure Out What Lights Your Fire

“Most writers, when they first start out, think of only thing: writing a bestselling book.”

Colleen M. Story, “Writer Get Noticed!”

On the lookout for a helpful book about writing? 

If you are a writer—or want to become one—and are looking for some sage advice on how to develop a writing career in today’s world, I suggest you check out the book, “Writer Get Noticed! A Strength-Based Approach to Creating a Standout Author Platform,” by seasoned author, Colleen M. Story.

It is outstanding.

“Most of us go about it all wrong,” explains Story. “We think the first thing we must do is write a publishable book. But that sort of thinking can lead to years of struggle, failure, and waning enthusiasm. That was the old way, and it doesn’t work anymore.”

Amen sister. That is certainly what my experience has shown me, as well.

“It’s time to take a brand-new approach to your writing career,” Story advises, “the type of approach that employs not only “big” thinking, but a strengths-based attitude about who you are and what you can bring to the world. It’s time to create an author platform uniquely right for you, that uses your gifts and talents and the skills you can easily develop to produce not only something you can be proud of, but something that touches others and expands your reach in a rewarding and fulfilling way.”

And how, pray tell, are you supposed to do this?

“The only thing that will take you where you want to go is a thorough knowledge of yourself, what you really want, and what strengths you possess.”

Colleen M. Story, “Writer Get Noticed!”

In other words, take the time to get to know thyself.

“Unfortunately,” explains Story, “few writers have this insight, so they continue to flounder without ever getting where they want to be.”

Don’t be that kind of writer.

Story advises against getting penned in (sorry for the pun) by small thinking. “Our ideas,” she says, “are boxed in by what we’ve been conditioned to believe is the true writer’s life, complete with cabins on lakes and months of quiet time to create our masterpieces.”

If you laughed out loud at that description of the “true writer’s” life, you likely are a true writer.

If you didn’t laugh because you fail to see what’s so funny, you might not be a writer and have no interest in becoming one…or you do want to become a writer but haven’t gotten very far yet.

I suspect many writers start their journey of “becoming a writer” because the imagined life that goes with it sounds so darn cool. Click To Tweet

This is also why many people who start their journey as writers don’t get much past their first writing retreat at the aforementioned cabin on the lake.

Why? Because they soon realize that at some point, they actually have to (gasp!) sit their butt in a chair and (wait for it) write.

Believe me, watching this level of procrastination in another human being is not only painful, it can also be very distracting to someone who is trying to write. I learned this the hard way when I used to bring these sorts of people with me on my writing retreats.

In other words, the idea of writing—i.e. sitting by the crackling fire while looking out the cabin window at the pristine lake—is usually far more exciting than the actual act of writing.

At least, at first.

If you stick with it long enough, of course, the magic of the writing process does come…and the blaze is spectacular! Click To Tweet

Regardless of where a person is in their writing career, Colleen M. Story suggests you think about things a little differently. “Those days of running around doing what you think you should be doing, or whatever this or that person said you should do to have a successful writing career, are over.” Instead, she advises you zero in on your own niche and build your own career.

And once you get rolling, it is highly likely you are going to diversify in ways you cannot even imagine. Yet.

“Today’s world is all about this and that,” says Story. Not this or that.

“Writer Get Noticed!” is an excellent resource to help writers (and soon-to-be writers) figure out what lights their fire—and why. Once those two bits of kindling are in place, then you can focus on the how. Before you know it, the crackling fire in that cabin on the lake of yours won’t be the only thing blazing. So will the fire within you.

Maryanne Pope is the author of “A Widow’s Awakening.” She also writes screenplays, playscripts and blogs. Maryanne is the CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions and a Director with the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. To receive her blog, “Weekly Words of Wisdom,” please subscribe here.

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