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New JPMF Website is Lookin’ GREAT!

Over the past few months, the JPMF has had some…”work done!” The logo has been streamlined and the website updated. Wow!! You can check out the new site at

As for the fast-approaching holidays, here are a few ideas about how to make sure your place of work is safe for everyone this season, including emergency responders who may have to attend: JPMF Holiday Safety media release Dec 2011

AND…the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund is now a registered charity! As in, we can now issue tax receipts. As in…it’s a great time to donate 🙂

About the JPMF…

The JPMF was started after the death of Cst John Petropoulos. The Fund raises public awareness about workplace issues facing emergency responders and offers people tangible tips they can implement in their workplaces and on the roads to help ensure emergency workers make it home safely to their families after every shift.

The JPMF’s five 30-second TV spots have aired on TV well over half a million times since 2005. The powerful 10-minute Put Yourself in Our  Boots safety video is being shown in safety meetings, community events and conferences across North America.

Workplace safety isn’t just good for business…it’s everybody’s business.

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