The Widows (one act dramatic comedy) by Maryanne Pope

Won the Dorothy White Award in the 2005 Ottawa Little Theatre’s One-Act Playwriting Competition.

Theresa Chevalier and Crystal Mantie in The Widows, June 2008

While backpacking in India, two Canadian widows spend a morning in their hotel room. The mosquito nets are up but the barriers come down as public service announcements, uncircumcised penises and a pink flip-flop battle fears of men, motherhood and malaria. In June 2008,

The Widows was produced in Abbotsford, BC, as part of the FACE festival.

The Widows

The Widows

Saviour (full length dramatic play script) by Maryanne Pope

Honorable Mention, Discovery Category, Alberta Playwriting Competition, 2007

Winner of the Julia Young Memorial Prize for Playwriting, 2006

*The Saviour play script is now ready for production – please click here for details!

A young couple, Sam and Adri, have an argument about Adri’s procrastination as a writer. After their fight, Sam, a police officer, goes to work and dies in the line of duty – but much to his surprise, it is Virginia Woolf, Adri’s literary hero, who greets him in the afterlife.

Starfish (one act drama) by Maryanne Pope

It’s the typical morning madness for Edie trying to get herself ready for work and her kids off to school. Beyond stressed and wondering yet again how life got so out of balance, she pulls back her kitchen curtains and sees a strange woman in her backyard who looks rather like Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author of Edie’s favourite book, Gift from the Sea.

Denial Incorporated (full length drama) by Maryanne Pope
A new author’s big moment on Breakfast Television takes an unexpected turn when the show’s producer decides to heat things up a little. Global warming goes head to head with a husband who returns from the dead – and the subject of denial causes ratings to soar.