A Widow’s Awakening (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
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Maryanne and John on beach, summer 2000

Eight years in the making, this extraordinary – and true – story of soul mates, saints, saviours, suicide and safety in the workplace charts a young woman’s emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual journey through the first year of grief after the on-duty death of her husband, a police officer. Told in the style of creative non-fiction, A Widow’s Awakening is a heart-wrenching, humorous and honest portrayal of the difficult process of accepting the unacceptable.

“WOW! As soon as I read the first line, I couldn’t put A Widow’s Awakening down. The truth on soul-mates, hope, after-life, happiness, sadness…you definitely told your tale as it is. I can’t stop talking about this book. I’m glad you shared your story with us.” – Parveen H, Calgary, AB

Released in September 2008, A Widow’s Awakening has now sold over 1800 copies.

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Barrier Removed book cover Mar 2012

Barrier Removed; A Tough Love Guide to Removing Your Dreams

Creative non-fiction book by Maryanne Pope

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Dive Into this Chicago Deep Dish; Ten Bite-Sized Tips for a Yummier Slice of Life

Short e-book by Maryanne Pope

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Short Stories

Sable 2007 – 2011

Losing Sight of What Matters (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Published in CreaturesAll magazine, June 2011.
The Sable-saga continues when Miss Sable loses her sight in one eye due to glaucoma. A year later, the second eye goes….ten days before her owner moves from Alberta to British Columbia. Please click here to read.

Nakoda (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Published in Creaturesall magazine, April 2008.
Is it possible that what happens in nature is linked to what happens in our lives? Nakoda is the story of how the death of a sponsored wolf parallels the death of a police officer and how the image of the wolf comes to symbolize the memorial fund started after his death. Click here to read.

Saving Sable (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Published in Creaturesall, June 2008.
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When Sable, a Shepherd-cross, nearly succumbs to a mysterious bleeding ailment, her owner gets a lesson in self-worth.

Girl with the Pink Purse (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Published in the Chick Lit Review, Jan 2008.
A woman meets a teenage girl in the mall and compliments her on her handbag. Two weeks later, they run into each other again in a hair salon on the opposite side of the city. Is it coincidence or fate that led them to cross paths?

Squirrel at the Birdbell (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Won first prize in the 2006 Short Fiction Competition for the Canadian Writer’s Journal.
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When she saw her husband’s black work sock hanging upside down from the birdbell, she felt her life was turning into one of those kids books where you have to spot what’s wrong with the picture: a house with no door, a person walking on air… a widow with no child.

Zookeeper (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Received Honourable Mention in the 2005 Short Fiction Competition
for the Canadian Writer’s Journal and was published in Choice Works.
When a woman signs up for the ‘zookeeper for a day’ program at the local zoo, she learns as much about herself and human nature as she does about the animals.

The Venice of Vegas (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Shortlisted in the 2005 Surrey International Writer’s Conference Fiction Contest
From the hotel modeled after Venice to the replica of the Statue of Liberty, a young couple stroll the Vegas strip, arguing about what is fake versus what is real. A year later, post 9-11, the experience takes on a whole new meaning.

The Dead Bird (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Chosen to be read at Sunday’s at the James Bay Inn reading series, February 2004

Dr Phil says that when a guy likes a girl, he shows her this by bringing her his ‘dead bird’ – which can be anything from a coin collection to car racing. So when the latter is dropped on Adri’s doorstep, she reciprocates with a dead bird of her own.

The Shoeshine Boy (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Shortlisted in the 2004 Surrey International Writer’s Conference Fiction Contest

A Canadian backpacker is on a train platform in India when a boy with Elephantiasis – or is it the Hindu Elephant God, Ganesh, in human form? – gives her a shoeshine to remember.

Turtleneck (creative non-fiction) by Maryanne Pope
When it comes to circumcision, everybody’s got an opinion. But when Liz voices hers at an inopportune moment, she soon finds herself having to… eat her words.

The Moroccan Carpet Salesman
(fiction) by Maryanne Pope
Last stop on the guided tour of Tinerhir, Morocco, is yet another carpet store. Or is it? When two backpackers cross the shop’s threshold, they get more than they bargain for.


To Be or Not to Be… a Mom?
Published in
Rising Women magazine, April 2008.
That is the question in the hearts, minds and ovaries of millions of women in their mid to late thirties considering motherhood for the first time.

Loss of Choice…When the Motherhood Decision is Made for You by Maryanne Pope
Published in Mompreneur magazine, May 2008.
Obviously, the ‘to be or not to be…a mom?’ decision impacts more than just the potential mother-to-be. This article looks at the motherhood choice from the perspective of the future child.

Awakening: A Double-edged Sword by Maryanne Pope
Chosen to be published in Sojourners: Narratives by Canadian Women, Date TBD
Published in Parabola; Myth, Tradition & The Search for Meaning, Spring 2005
What does it mean to be awakened? Can a soul be awakened from its slumber in the body? If so, why bother? And once awakened, can it go back to sleep?

Our Driving Habits Destroy Habitats…and it’s not so great for our children’s health either by Maryanne Pope
Published in Rising Women magazine, Spring 2008
Click here to read – Alberta Version (pdf)Canadian Version (pdf)
This anti-idling article explains the link between vehicle emissions, global warming, melting polar icecaps and an increase in childhood asthma.

Still Solid in Spirit by Maryanne Pope
Published in Metohos Magazine, 2008
The story of how John’s spirit and dream of being a police officer carries on through the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund.